Stemming from an earlier project involving wallet making by hand and in search of boots with an innovative proposal, the sibling duo composed by Antara and Elías combine their own individual taste and passion for fashion and travel to create a new, all-Mexican brand with an inherent artisanal essence. ANT is a Mexican brand specializing in footwear and leather goods, elaborated by craftsmen from the tropical state of Veracruz, who materialize the unique designs for both men and women.

With a wide variety of products, including wallets, cardholders, and of course the shoes themselves, ANT aims to seduce the wearer and offer new artistic proposals, specially regarding men’s fashion, integrating unconventional materials. Their boots have, however, become the brand staple, adapting them to the male audience and offering unisex models. Each pair is crafted entirely from bovine leather and features finishes that offer impressive contrasts throughout the whole piece.

Ant takes their products to a whole new level when it comes to customization, since they are able to create an exclusive pair of shoes for each client, without any restrictions. The buyer can create their very own design or take one of the base models already available at the store. The size and shape of the tip are entirely modifiable, according to each customer’s needs. There is no restriction regarding foot size or colour, as there are over 60 available tones, ranging from neutral, fluorescent and metallic which offer a special exclusivity to each pair.

ANT looks to go above and beyond, an emerging brand aiming to not only sell predetermined products. The objective is simple: create a deep connection with the wearer through unique pieces with their own identity, high quality and exquisite design, pieces that can fit in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Ultimately, these shoes help to look and be different, to stand out of the crowd at any given moment, conjuring and air of sophistication and authenticity only ANT can offer.

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