Carlo Sestini has spent most of his adult life abroad, away from his homeland in Italy. His career as a model is fast paced, and often took him from one corner of the world to the other: he grew up in Switzerland and England, but his heart has always belonged in the Italian rolling hills. This quick-paced lifestyle has taught him an important lesson on how people enjoy their surroundings through their senses. Under this premise he realized the importance of taking care of both the senses and the environment in a responsible way and thus SESTINI was conceived: an eyewear brand whose main purpose is to be timeless, functional, and environmentally responsible.

For Sestini, sunglasses protect the eyes not only from the elements but also from the environment, when donning them, the wearer becomes an active, anonymous observer. However, this relationship is usually one-sided, eyewear brands do not often preoccupy themselves with protecting the environment, and it was there that Carlo found his differentiator.

SESTINI’s sunglasses are one of a kind, designed to last a lifetime and even more. They were conceived as a future family heirloom, Carlo being immersed in the world of fashion he is conscious of the shortcomings, specially in the ecological matter, of the fashion industry and the latest fast-fashion practices. He then devised the SESTINI sunglasses as durable, capable of withstanding the test of time and the elements and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible in the production of each pair. All the complementary accessories, including the pouch, cleaning cloth, and any written supplements are made of recycled materials, and plans are that the sunglasses themselves will follow suit in the upcoming years.

Each pair is made by hand, in a delicate and intricate process ensuring no waste and higher quality and durability, and all models are limited edition, with a set number of pieces produced, so as to eliminate unnecessary waste. All glasses incorporate Karl Zeiss lenses, regarded as the pinnacle of quality with superior UV protection and high-performing vision.

While aesthetics are not the main concern for SESTINI, the sunglasses in no way look unpleasant, and they are designed to be timeless, disregarding seasons and trends. Minimalism and simplicity can be found behind each pair, the option for those concerned with the planet and fed up with the ever-changing tides of fast fashion. Carlo Sestini is delighted to provide the upper solution in eyewear and eye protection, sure to please the most demanding of customers, and future generations to come.

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