Synonymous with luxury, elegance, sophistication and exclusivity, Michael Cinco is known for his fabulous Haute Couture creations. His innate creativity and magistral techniques have launched him to the forefront of the of both the international and the Dubai fashion scenes, he has captivated men and women with the opulence and complexity of his designs, with fresh juxtapositions and elegant fabrics ridden with Swarovski crystals. 

Michael Cinco, born in the Samar Island in the Philippines, discovered his passion for fashion thanks to classical Hollywood films. He fantasized of dressing the black and white divas like Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, and Audrey Hepburn, and nowadays he dresses famous personalities during the most important events in the entertainment industry. 

“I pictured those fabulous heroines and imagined dressing them up in my creations. I chased after those visions….”

Cinco studied liberal arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman for two years, later transfering to the Slims Fashion and Arts School in Manila, to later study at Central Saint Martins, the best fashion institute in the world which has seen some of the most brilliant minds in the industry walk its halls, amongst who Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Ricardo Tsci stand as legends. Michael Cinco is one of these legends that have triumphed in the fashion world and the industry of Haute Couture. 

After finishing his studies in London, Cinco returned to the Philippines to start up his career, but ultimately decided to move to Dubai, where he established his own brand in 2003. 

“Moving to the Middle East was a big leap for me, the region is a haven of haute couture. In my first job in Dubai, I reinvented the image of a slightly staid fashion house and succeeded in injecting new fashion nuances. Now, it’s great to know that the elite fashionistas of Dubai eventually recognized my passion for fashion.”

Michael Cinco opened a new route in Dubai (and the world in general) for masculine fashion with his unique perspective and inspiration, which stems from architecture, ópera and the spirit of travel. Cinco illustrates these muses in all of his designs, where high tailoring is one of the most important aspects in classic elements like suits, blazers, overcoats and shirts, and fuses with maximalist prints to breathe fresh air into fashion. The whole complements the detailed embroidery techniques employed to attach crystals to the fabric, giving birth to a new concept of Haute Couture for men. 

The evolution of Michael Cinco is perceptible in each of his collections which show his savoir faire in details and the couture essence. His latest work, under the name The Impalpable Dream of FAITH, shows this to perfection, and is inspired by the unbreakable faith in life and its purpose: when hope surges, faith is inevitable, leaving autumn and winter behind in the expectancy of a new spring and summer.

With a colour palette ranging from black to baby blue, and turquoise to violet with some flashy prints, and featuring the 2021 colours Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey, the line expresses emotions of unbendable belief. A trip through the hues of hope when traversing uncertain times, Cinco’s ensembles for men are impactful pieces where tailoring is explored along a new variety of styles for masculine looks. From the simplest like trousers and blazers with straight cuts, monochromatic and light, to the most extroverted shorts, coats, and overcoats with flamboyant prints that remind of paint splatters, nuanced contrast emerges in the clothes, all of which require no extra to shine. 

Dramatic, extravagant and truly unique, passion drives this collection, and it is a clear example of Cinco’s worldview, which goes far beyond simple clothes, but instead takes us through an interesting voyage where luxury and haute couture coexist. For those living exclusivity as a lifestyle and those who want something different in a demanding world, Michale Cinco is the best choice for any occasion. 

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