After completing his education at the London School of Arts in 2016, Robert Cavalli, son of famed fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, returns to Millan to create TRIPLE RRR, the brand debuting in the 93rd edition of Pitti Uomo, the Italian fashion show of greatest relevance in Florence. 

TRIPLE RRR, under Cavalli’s creative direction, is the perfect combination of luxury, streetwear and extravagance, presented through the select materials chosen by the designer such as silk and velvet. Opulent designs include full suits with coordinated prints, monochromatic colour schemes, floaty shirts and long, imposing robes are the flagship designs by the Italian brand. Created for men in search of out-of-the-ordinary proposals, an escape from everyday life, and distinguish themselves from the crowd by their essence alone. Clothes by TRIPLE RRR create these identity elements and pair them with unparalleled quality and unique designs. 

A perfect balance between elegance and streetwear, both aspects come together in Cavalli’s collections, and the most recent Fall-Winter 2020 edition praises commodity and urbanity in each look. Hooded sweatshirts coexist with long robes and printed pants and tennis shoes redefine the very definition of luxury. Full suits in animal print and solid blue blazers combined with high-waisted pants rewrite the brand0s history, their loose cut contrasting directly with the usual slim and skinny fits of previous collections. 

TRIPLE RRR profiles as the best option to stand out from the crowd, innovation and freshness on each print and design. Robert Cavalli is committed to continuing his father’s legacy in fashion and style and has already established himself as one of the most adventurous and distinguished brands in the latest seasons. 


Inspired by his familial passion, Massimo Piombo voyaged through Scotland, France and England carrying only a suitcase packed with cloth scraps, in search of ateliers and factories which had produced his grandfather’s fabrics and learn the artisanal techniques that originated them. In 2011, he used this knowledge to create his own brand, MP Massimo Piombo, a mix between elegance, eccentricity, artisanal Italian processes and high quality. He is in constant search of new makers and unique sketches, striving to go above trends and seasons for a timeless aesthetic. Piombo’s work enhances any individual’s style on the go, an aesthetic vision and contemporary materials such as cashmere, Rammand wools, African cotton and Belgian linen create prime coats, shirts, and jackets that go with any style. All of Piombo’s clothes converge with vibrant colours such as cobalt blue, orange, yellow and bright green, pairing with neutral tones to accomplish a balanced look.

For Massimo Piombo time is not relevant and trends do not directly influence his style: in his lines, the most relevant aspect is always the piece’s portability. Each attire has a unique aura to it, helping stand out from the everyman. His most recent collection, the Fall-Winter 2020 line, 12 menswear looks and three unisex ensembles reflect the very essence of Italy and Massimo Piombo. Tartan patterns in a varied array of coats are a pivotal piece in the collection that allows a monochrome, neutral outfit to shine. Some other noteworthy pieces include velvet blazers with shiny details, ideal for either formal or casual wear, pairing it with tailor-made pants and sweaters. The last three pieces in the collection are the most versatile, long overcoats in deep blue, grey and camel, winter wear that can be worn in any given occasion. 


Founded on April 4th, 1857, the oldest luxury hat brand in Alessandria came from Giuseppe Borsalino’s mind. Located in North Italy, Borsalino was highly praised in the World Fair of Paris in 1900 due to his high quality and exquisite taste, earning him international prestige. His first store was established in Alessandría in 1925, and nowadays Borsalino is maybe the most important brand in the hat-making business, with a wide variety of designs according to need, materials, and seasons. Models come with great versatility, from the classic designs for any time of the year, such as the fedora, or the seasonal models like the Equatorian model made from palm tree. Each hat is made from high quality materials for their specific season and use, all Borsalino hats will last for years to come given the proper care. A unique piece of style and elegance, Brosalino has no match on any market. 

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