One of the few Mexican brands that bets on the male market, specially with their accessory lines, is PANTERA, which has consolidated itself as an avant-garde option for luxury leather accessories. Each piece is handmade by expert artisans, with painstaking attention to detail. 

PANTERA is born from the passion their founders, Alejandra and Laura Laviada, have for the arts, design and fashion. Alejandra, visual artist with a photography specialty, and Laura, graphic designer and former Editorial Director for the Spanish version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, make a powerful team, perfectly transmitting their vision of a sophisticated Mexican aesthetic in every creation. 

Products by PANTERA can easily adapt to any and all lifestyles thanks to their different product lines such as Pantera Home and Pantera Accessories, which offer a wide variety of leather articles such as wallets, belts, dumbbells, and passport holders, as well as accessories for any homely space such as toilet, kitchen and dining room decorations. Any piece guarantees a unique touch to the space or outfit, since PANTERA’s main concern is detail and finesse. 

Paying homage to their handcrafted heritage and celebrating the individuality of all their creations, PANTERA is the Mexican brand for leather products by excellence. Each product coming off the PANTERA atelier is a unique and irreplaceable object which conveys their vision and passion for Mexican identity towards an international market, offering much more than just a high-quality product. 

Photos: courtesy.

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