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Since his early years, the visionary founder of BASTI has maintained a deep-rooted connection with the world of fashion and tailoring. Despite his background in finance, his passion for tailoring led him to breathe life into this distinguished brand in 2022. Inspired by bespoke craftsmanship and driven by the pursuit of unique and exquisitely fitted garments, Basti Be Spoke has emerged as an icon of exclusivity and perfection in the realm of tailored fashion.

The essence of BASTI lies in the harmonious fusion of the classic and the contemporary, giving rise to timeless designs that capture the unique essence of each individual. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and personalised attention, each creation is a unique manifestation of refinement and distinction.

The brand takes pride in its extensive range of the highest quality fabrics, carefully selected from renowned suppliers in Italy and England. With a repertoire spanning a variety of styles and trends, Basti Be Spoke strives to offer the latest in textile materials to meet the most demanding standards of its clientele.

More than just a fashion house, BASTI serves as a creative guide for its clients, encouraging them to explore new frontiers in design and style. Each piece entails over 120 hours of meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring an impeccable fit and personalised details that set it apart in an incomparable manner.

The BASTI client appreciates timeless elegance and unmatched excellence. They are individuals who seek garments that transcend the conventional, reflecting their unique style and valuing meticulousness in every aspect of their attire.

In the current year, BASTI has exciting initiatives planned, including the opening of an exclusive showroom to offer a complete tailored tailoring experience. Additionally, they will launch a select ready-to-wear collection, reaffirming their commitment to exclusivity and distinction. Through these initiatives, the brand aims to consolidate its position as a benchmark of luxury in the demanding Mexican fashion market.

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