Smell is, most certainly, the sense capable of summoning the most vivid memories in ourselves. Nothing compares to the aroma of fresh coffee, or fine wine, or even to the recollection of a scent from our childhood. A perfume can transport us through time and bring us to an aleatory moment of our existence: the fragrances that surround us fuse with our memories and imbue themselves deep within our identities. This is why XINÚ, the high perfumery brand from central Mexico has drawn inspiration from the most traditional aromas of the American continent to create a personal, intimate narrative in each of its fragrances.

The name Xinú comes from otomí, and it means “nose”: the door to our senses and the key to memory. A bottle of XINÚ contains the essences of delicate flowers and spices from the Americas, copal, berries, precious woods, and rare fruits. Every single fragrance is handcrafted by a master naturalist in the brand’s Secret Garden: the result is a high-quality essence and an extravagant, opulent sensorial delight.

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The bottles are inspired in prehispanic cultures, most concretely their sacred geometry. A crystalline vial and a dark wood cover take the shape of a dual, elegant sand clock. The wood varies according to the fragrance, complimenting the aromatic element with visual delight. Each package is also hand-illustrated, which makes each scent a unique work of art.

More than an excellence product, XINÚ represents a profound, intimate, and sensual identity capable of taking us to unexpected places. Using the timeless botanical memory of the region, it has created a series of exuberant and artful fragrances. It is the testament that things made with love and passion, knowledge and dedication yield things full of beauty and not without a hint of magic.

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