History is the recounting of past accomplishments, it reminds us of the peaks we have climbed and the valleys we have conquered. As such, it is momentous that we occupy ourselves in preserving it and, most importantly, sharing it. As time goes on, more and more achievements are made, and more complex it is to have a grasp of historical significance. With a brand as long lived as Montblanc, then, it is no surprise to have a sanctuary built, specially dedicated to showcasing their glorious 115 year history.

The Montblanc Haus opened its doors on May 10th, 2022, designed by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, inspired by the iconic shape of Montblanc writing equipment cases. Located right next to the Montblanc headquarters and main ateliers, the birthplace of luxury utensils such as the emblematic Meisterstück, the Montblanc Haus aims to becom a beacon of luxury in Hamburg. Inside, the beauteous building in black, off white and grey guards the most impressive collection of Montblanc pieces and archives. 

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The space is divided into several sections, each dedicated to a dimension of the Montblanc universe. An exhibition explores penmanship as an art form the world over, another goes into the importance of handwriting, while a big section is focused around the Montblanc history, the Meisterstück, and the artisanal creation process behind the brand’s art pieces. A special wing features handwritten notes and autographs of notable personalities that have made Montblanc an important part of their creative process such as Ernst Hemmingway, Frida Khalo, and Albert Einstein. 

The Montblanc Haus aims to be a referent in Hamburg, and offers workshops for the public, where children and adults have the opportunity to experience the luxury of handwriting firsthand, by testing out Montblanc pieces. Creative writing, calligraphy and writing courses will also be available to explore the full extent of writing as an art form. 

Art is ever present in the Haus, with special pieces commissioned by Montblanc to be exhibited at the museum, all inspired by the richness of calligraphy and writing. The complex subtleties of handwriting are explored through pieces by artists such as Wendy Andreu and Studio Marianne Guély. 

In addition to the permanent exhibits, Montblanc Haus will be home to temporal exhibits, and visitors could even acces the Montblanc archives, as well as a cafeteria and an exclusive Montblanc Haus boutique. 

The Montblanc Haus stands now as a sanctuary for all things luxury in writing. An iconic brand, an iconic place and a lengthy, rich history all come together to create a magnificent statement to history and preservation. 

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