Nature’s essence, the uncontrollable, the wild, the Sauvage. This line of perfumes for men by the Maison Dior gets reinvented in 2021 to bring exceptional sensory experiences to the most distinguished gentlemen.

François Demachy, the creative genius behind the Dior Parfum Sauvage, brings this new line with enriched, varied notes, renewed freshness, and the beauty of the wilderness. This line is full of nuance and unique details that compose an unparalleled body and quality, made specifically for the unconventional personality.

The master perfumer at the Maison, Monsieur Demachy has taken the most profound concepts to bring a complete experience through the nose. The nocturne freshness he incorporates in the mix includes bergamot Reggio from Calabria, the signature element of the Sauvage collection, which quickly gives way to juicy tangerine, a novelty in the Sauvage line, and cardamom, for a dual note with a spicy and warm feel. The Elemi incense brings this stage to a close with a manly aroma, resinous and clean. Immediately after comes the sacred wood aspect of the fragrance, marked by the smells of dense forest, amber, smoked sage, and leather. Virginia Cedar is a curious highlight, a surprising note of raspberry comes next to give way to the Sri Lanka Sandalwood. Cultivated in specialized plantations, this sandalwood is grown in the wild, unaffected by the hands of men, which strengthens its natural intensity and its hormonal, attractive smell. This plantation has a ten-year history working with Dior and exports the most precious sandalwood in Sri Lanka. Finally, the oriental colours make their presence known with the powerful Haba Tonka and its sweet bitterness, complemented with Papuan vanilla that colours the woody scents for a velvety feel.

Highly complex, sober and surprisingly fresh, the aroma from the Sauvage is highly magnetic. Its concentrated and intoxicating scent is François Demachy’s way of approaching masculinity through fragrance. The experience expands to the bottle, a deep blue colour akin to the starry night, the Sauvage name engraved in silver.

Dior offers gentlemen an additional service that can help find the ideal perfume for each user. Choosing the attitude and essence one desires to project, as well as the preferred notes and ambience, the most adequate parfum is recommended to the client, from the most discreet to the more exuberant. For the adventurous that enjoy the beauty of the wild things, Sauvage 2021 is the right decision, noble and attractive as the modern gentleman. 

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