The essence of the human race can be summed up in our ability to overcome challenges and willingly search for new, tougher ones. The modern gentleman often embodies this essence: finding ways of bettering oneself through tests of valour and effort. With this idea in mind, Montblanc, excellence in watchmaking and writing supplies made brand, presents the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Messner, an evolution of the classic 1858 line in a special edition, limited to 262 pieces.

Reinhold Messner is a living legend in the world of mountaineering, an Italian professional who has climbed up the 14 highest peaks in the world without the aid of supplementary oxygen. His achievements also encompass his ascent to the Seven Peaks, the highest mountains in the world, through self-developed routes that are now named “the Messner list” and are considered to be the most challenging way to scale the peaks. Marking his own rhythm and path, Reinhold Messner is the ideal explorer to be a Mark Maker for the Maison Montblanc.

The 1858 Geosphere line is inspired by the Minerva watches from the early 1920s and 1930s. Militarily conceived, they quickly became the ideal companion for explorers the world over thanks to their precision, legibility, and durability. The Geosphere model from the Maison takes these elements and elevates them to ultimate luxury. The watch line includes an innovative system that shows the global time zone at any given time and shows the position of the aforementioned Seven Peaks. Embodying the spirit of innovation and exploration, the Messner edition adds value through the use of precious materials and aesthetics.

This limited edition combines rose gold, blue and bronze akin to alpinism tools of old. The precious elements in the watch are kept and complemented with an exquisite engraving in the back showing the Montblanc mountain, two ice peaks crossing, the Messner list, and the explorer’s signature.

The watch box is 42 mm and is made out of a bronze alloy, with a bidirectional bevel in blue ceramic, the four cardinal points in Super-Luminova finish, a technique developed by Montblanc. The finishes alternate between satin and polished, giving this watch a fine look and a certain luxury in conjunction with its materials. The face is covered in blue gradient and the elements are done in bronze and rose gold to create the most beautiful iterations of the Geosphere to date.

Super-Luminova tech comes to a whole new level in this watch, as each element shines with different colours under low-light conditions to ensure a better readability. The hands and cardinal points shine in green while the globes and continents, numbers and markings shine in blue, granting a better functionality and a solid connection to its exploration tool condition.

The watch works under the automatic calibre MB 29.25, which represents an exceptional precision. The mechanism powers the hands, both globes, and the complementary time zone at the 9 position, as well as the date window at the 3 position.

To complement this exquisite instrument, a NATO strap comes with each unit. Made by hand in the Julien Faure ateliers, each strap is made individually in a complex and artisanal process that ensures sturdiness, comfortability, and a short drying time, as well as durability for both the material and its colour. Interchangeable, the NATO straps can be purchased at the Montblanc boutiques around the world.

A gesture in remembrance to exploration and personal betterment, the 1858 Geosphere Messner Edition is the pinnacle of Montblanc’s watchmaking luxury to date. The classic design and the avant-garde materials bring to mind stories of the titanic journeys through the snow that Reinhold Messner, creating this unique Montblanc jewel, available at the brand’s boutiques in a very limited number, only for the true gentleman. 

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