What do Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider memorabilia and editorial photography have in common? They are all passions of Alex Cordova, easily one of the most influential photographers in the Mexican editorial, commercial and fashion worlds. His work covers the United States and Spain as well, further cementing his influence in commercial photography. Born in Sonora, Mexico, Cordova’s life choices were defined while he resided in Valencia, Spain. He has always enjoyed of an unlimited creative openness, provided by his familial history of musicians and artists.

His work was humbly started in sketching and oil painting, helping him perfect his artistic vision and sensibility. “Aesthetics, that’s what obsesses me”, says Alex while talking about his career path and growth, mentioning interior design as one of his early dream jobs. This influence is clearly shown in his work: each pixel is perfect, stylized to represent what Cordova wants, ideal colour balance and models that stand out in every frame and every way.

“I would define it [my work] as a constantly changing experience. My pictures evolve, just as I do. It is never the same”. 

These aforementioned colours accomplish not only a visual objective: “My work is completely emotional, and it reflects my mood at the moment. When colour is shown, it’s because I am feeling good. When the picture is black and white, it’s the other way around.” Alex agreed to an interview with ÖVRFLÖD, and he discussed his take on personal shoots. “When I’m not happy, my whole mood changes, and the production goes along with it. The work is very dynamic in that way.” Even as one of Mexico’s most renowned commercial photographers, Cordova is always more thrilled to take on his own projects, since he has full creative freedom over these, as opposed to working for a brand.

Either way, the campaigns he has created are undoubtedly transcendental for commercial photography, working for renowned brands such as Benito Santos and Kris Goyri, and magazines such as Playboy, where his pictures have taken centre stage in the covers. Alex Cordova will never forget his first big hit, a nation-wide campaign featuring Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola. “I had been in Mexico City for one month. I booked this job and she was my first client. We have regularly worked together ever since, always growing”.

“Every picture on my social media is a personal project, that’s what makes me happiest as a creative being. When you work with big brands and international licenses, creative freedom is not an option.”

Cordova’s work stands without comparison, unique, and he himself says so, no particular influence has permeated into his photos. His ultimate motive behind each session is always the same: do things different from others, and surpass his own expectations. Cordova describes himself as a limitless person, able to grow and learn in every and all ways. Behind this philosophy a profound passion is found, a natural-born fervour for his work that goes beyond any public recognition. Alex refers back to his time in Valencia as one of his most precious memories, running alongside his friends in the Spanish fields, developing his first picture when he was only 9 years old. His career path was defined through this same empiric love, after having purchased his first professional camera while visiting Las Vegas when he was only 18 years old.

Ever since then, and powering through the challenges of being a newcomer in the Mexican industry, such as evading ill-willed people in the very competitive work environment, Cordova has positioned himself as a standard in Mexican photography. This is due, in part, of his work being so dynamic and “in constant change”, Alex Cordova never remains static. His adaptability oozes into his personal life, growing at par with his professional career.

“My favourite phrase has always been: ‘My vengeance will be creative.’ I have never had limits and having that limitlessness as my goal has always been my personal mantra”. 

Such is Alex Cordova’s differentiating factor in comparison to other photographers. Each session is fuelled by passion and each picture demonstrates his very own aesthetic view, even in commercial campaigns, where he tries to provide the public with an authentic, emotive result.

His self-proclaimed intensity is demonstrated in his boundless dedication to each picture. Alex Cordova, who has recently coursed into TV, is one of Mexico’s most promising and fresh proposals in photography and editorial matters. For now, it is only expected for him to jump into the international market, providing a broader audience with his essence: humbleness, boldness, and most importantly, freedom.

Photos: Alex Cordova.

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