Sometimes, extreme situations like jet lag, hangovers or the climate can deteriorate the skin to great effect. To obtain a healthy skin and a younger look, a skin care routine is needed, however, they often take up a lot of time and several different products, making it difficult to carry them out religiously. La Mer, a leading brand and embodiment of expertise in skin care, offers a solution in the form of a simple routine involving only two products, helping to quickly and easily brighten up the skin.

First, the skin must be perfectly clean, washing it with cold or lukewarm water, using a soap specific to our skin type: greasy, dry or mixed, and straying away from products that dry the skin, and trying to not exfoliate too frequently. A cotton swab and micellar water can also be used to remove skin impurities. Once the facial skin is completely clean, the ritual can begin.

Once the skin is clean, the first La Mer product to be used is The Renewal Oil, made of seaweed and other natural ingredients that rejuvenate the skin. This oil helps with collagen production, preventing future wrinkles and strengthens the skin. The combination of all the active ingredients help naturally repair the skin, applying this product frequently will help the overall skin hydration and help it look younger and gleaming on the longer run.


Apply 3 to 5 oil drops directly on the face and neck, pressing lightly, on strategic points, on the middle of your face. Using the softer part of the palm, spread the oil from the chin to the ears, along the jawline, from the nose and forehead to the temples.

For the neck, use the palms to apply it from the neckline to the ears.

Finish off with a soft circular motion, a light massage on the temples. Stay clear of the eyes.

To finish the routine, La Crème de La Mer should be applied. This crème, a brand flagship, hydrates, relaxes and aids when treating skin dryness. For people with greasy skin or just looking for a lighter consistency, The Moisturizing Soft Cream is also a good option. Both products are infused with the Miracle Broth ™, rich in marine nutrients which penetrates the skin deeply and strengthens the skin. It also helps renew the skin and makes it look younger.


Warm the choice crème, be it La Crème de La Mer or The Moisturizing Soft Cream, by rubbing it in your hands and activate it. Once it goes from white to clear, press it softly on the face and neck. 

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