Maison Cartier has always combined all the shapes that were never meant to be together. Creating the atypical, bringing luxury from the dissonance, these Unexpected Encounters, the namesake of the 2020 Cartier Collection, are the emblem of the Cartier brand.

The Pasha model, a classic cult watch since its conception by the Maison in 1985, is brought back in this new collection carrying its characteristic design elements into this iteration. Extroversion is a staple for Pasha de Cartier, strong elements mix together to create this distinctive watch with and elevated profile.

The idea behind Pasha is simple: geometric figures interacting among themselves. Cartier breaks conventions and brings together a square shape inside a circle, a combination of the straight line and the curve, dissonant by nature, but somehow it works perfectly on this watch. Pasha de Cartier 2020 is as faithful to the original as possible, however it is even more sophisticated. The traditional design is maintained, with the four Arabic numerals placed on the four classical positions, four clous de Paris decorate the strap with a delicate finish, an echoing fractal, the tetrad of elements originating in the square. The most exquisite detail in the whole construct must be the screw-down crowncover, a smart design choice to protect the winding crown. Both the crown and its cover are topped with a beautiful blue spinel or sapphire.

The jewelled crowncover serves another purpose as well: in this Pasha watch, Cartier introduces the possibility to customize each purchased watch. Initials can be subtly carved in the watch’s side, just below the cover, offering a very intimate experience and a personal touch to each watch.

 Customization does not end there, as wrist straps can be selected from the available possibilities: gold, steel or leather. Each of them adapts to a different situation, a version of the strap exists for every imaginable lifestyle. Straps are also interchangeable, easily done by Cartier’s very own QuickSwitch system, which incorporates a switch well-hidden to the sight and is promptly activated by the user, easily morphing the watch for the occasion at hand.

Pasha 2020 also makes use of the SmartLink system, a newly developed innovation by Cartier, which allows anyone to easily modify the length of the straps. Each link in the strap is equipped with a push button, facilitating the addition or removal of the metal links to adapt to perfection on the user’s wrist.

The body of the watch itself is also available on different designs: steel grey, yellow gold, rose gold, and diamond covered are all options to acquire this graceful watch, not forgetting the skeleton versions, which allow to have a close look at the intricate gear at work inside the watch.

Pasha de Cartier 2020 promises to be a beautifully constructed watch, an elegant complement for every gentleman who praises himself in sophistication and luxury. The ideal companion for those looking to stand out and shatter expectations with this advanced and dynamic design, Cartier holds true to its commitment to excellence in watchmaking. 

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