The Reverso, one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s flagships, turns 90 in 2021, nearly a century in which it has revolutionized watchmaking. His original design, planned to withstand the harsh movements of polo, now serves to explore new limits of art and watchmaking with its infinite possibilities. As part of this 90th anniversary, the Swiss watchmaker has decided to launch the Reverso Tribute Enamel Hidden Treasures collection, three watches that pay tribute to three modern art masters.

The dial of each of these watches, adorned in guilloché with subtle green and blue tones hides a great artistic treasure on its reverse, being at the same time the closest in design to the original 1930 Reverso.

The presented artworks mark three milestones in the history of art, as reproductions of the masterpieces of Gustave Courbet, Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. The three pieces chosen were supposed to be lost, but were recently recovered and verified, now establishing themselves as a jewel of historical art.

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The enamel has captured the movement of the clouds over the water in this piece, which complements its soft tones with the white gold case and herringbone guilloché on the dial. The lakeshore and dynamic clouds echo the varnished moving front, a piece worth admiring in detail.


A portrait of summery nature, this look at Van Gogh’s innovation in art gives us an example of the magic hour before sunset over Montmajour. The artist’s perspective and brushstrokes are perfectly replicated in this watch, and contrast perfectly with the green dial.


Painted over a previous artwork, the spoken legend of this piece portrays Klimt’s attempt to overcome the sudden death of a love. Painting a different lady over her, this emotional scream is now depicted in great detail on the reverse of a green guilloché dial of barley grains.

Enameled in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s own workshop, these three pieces are an example of the incredible skill and talent of the House’s master enameller, who has managed to reproduce the original brushstrokes to perfection with extremely different and complex techniques, in a whimsical material such as enamel.

Jewels in which more than one artistic expression converge, the Reverso Tribute Enamel Hidden Treasures are an expression of talent, art, engineering and design of which the most exclusive maison of haute horlogerie is capable.

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