Constant breaking of is one of the principles behind renowned architect Frank Gehry’s work. With curving floors, seemingly collapsing walls and gravity-defying lines, each work by the Canadian mastermind is distinct and invites to engage in a visual melody. It was only natural that a brand that echoes Gehry’s capabilities to entrap all senses in a single experience would choose him to celebrate the 150th anniversary of one of their star products. Hence, the special edition of Hennessy X.O commemorating 150 years of making the Extra Old Cognac is encased in a beautiful decanter designed by one of the world’s most influential architects.

The sensorial experience brought by Hennessy is well known, described by master distiller Renaud Fillioux de Gironde as a seven-chapter odyssey through ecstasy. The first “Sweet Notes” feature the sweetness of oranges, tangy apricot, and candied fruits, quickly followed by the “Flowing Flame” which presents a rising heat wave. Immediately after, the “Rising Heat” chapter exemplifies the complex flavours of the aged eaux-de-vie. The “Chocolate Lull” caresses the mouth with a silky taste before giving way to the “Spicy Edge” from the strong pepper, the “Wood Crunches” with oak and vanilla notes, and finally the “infinite Echo”, the prevalence of the oak and the nuances of the mix a characteristic quality of Hennessy.

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The decanter, which is a special edition to commemorate the history of Hennessy’s X.O mix, is a beautiful work of art. Only 150 individual decanters are available in the world, each one with Frank Gehry’s signatured imprinted, reflecting the exclusive aspect of the limited edition. The bottle is covered in a styled piece of bronze covered in 24 karat yellow gold. A pedestal of shattered glass echoes the dynamic of light and movement evoked in the decanter and continues Gehry’s discourse of a brilliant future, which ties him to Hennessy’s values.

“It’s a simple idea, by crumpling up the material, it gives it a feeling of movement, gives it a feeling of life.”  

Bringing Hennessy’s rich history to the present, this beautiful decanter evokes the flow of light and movement as a call-back to the brand’s ever-evolving savoir-faire. The decanter marks the 150th anniversary of the occasion when monsieur Maurice Hennessy asked master distiller Emile Fillioux to create a mix from the oldest eaux-de-vie available, a special gesture for monsieur Hennessy’s closest circle, in 1870. Since then, the “Extra Old” designation is synonymous with high quality and unprecedented exclusivity.

An ode to the age-old savoir faire and high-quality processes developed by Hennessy to bring unmatched beverages, the special edition to commemorate Hennessy X.O’s 150 years is a true claim of luxury and style. The refinement includes the decanter, the pedestal and the box, all art pieces fit for true cognac lovers.

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