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In a milestone that fuses the best of American whiskey and French crystal craftsmanship, an unparalleled work is born: Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition.

 The union of two giants in artisanal production gives rise to a proposal that redefines the concept of contemporary luxury. Woodford Reserve, the world’s leading premium whiskey, joins forces with Baccarat, France’s most prestigious crystal brand, to create an unprecedented sensory experience.

 Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition embodies the very essence of luxury and excellence. Created from the most complex and balanced Kentucky bourbon, this exceptional elixir is aged in select XO Cognac barrels, giving it unique depth and sophistication. Each barrel, matured over three cognac seasons, is carefully filled with Woodford Reserve by master distiller Chris Morris, resulting in a harmonious fusion of fresh, fruity flavors with spicy undertones and a silky, creamy finish.

 The extraordinary does not end here. Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is presented in decanters handcrafted by Baccarat’s renowned artisans, making it the only American whiskey available in this precious crystal. This exquisite packaging is not only a symbol of exclusivity, but also a tribute to the craftsmanship and rich history of both brands.

 With its deep brown color and aromas of toasted oak, cocoa and vanilla, this special edition awakens the senses from the first moment. On the palate, it offers a symphony of flavors including vanilla, dark chocolate and notes of dried fruits, all culminating in a velvety finish with delicate spicy nuances.

 Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is much more than an exceptional whiskey; is a collaboration that celebrates the tradition and artistry of two legendary houses, bringing to life a unique experience that will captivate collectors and connoisseurs alike.

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