In an unprecedented encounter between the world of contemporary art and the distillery, Clase Azul Mexico and the renowned artist Eduardo Sarabia have joined forces to bring to life a limited edition of Clase Azul Tequila. This collaboration not only redefines the boundaries of creativity but also pays homage to Mexico’s rich cultural narrative.

The alliance between Clase Azul Mexico and Sarabia arises from a spiritual connection, a fusion of values and visions regarding Mexican art. Sarabia, with his approach exploring the convergence between craftsmanship and contemporary art, has infused this limited edition with his distinctive artistic language.

The decanter, canvas of this artistic expression, is adorned with folkloric motifs and cultural figures relevant to Sarabia. From the face of a coin to portraits of sardonic characters from Sinaloa’s popular music, each detail tells a story, merging playfulness with culture.

Two variations, Dorado and Color, present the decanter in different hues and decorations. The use of 24-karat gold highlights the motifs, creating a visual symphony that blends with Clase Azul’s iconic cobalt blue.

Master Distiller Viridiana Tinoco has created an exceptional blend of three tequilas, each with its own character. From an unaged tequila to an aged one matured in Russian oak barrels and another in amontillado sherry barrels, the blend captures the essence of the artist’s journey and history.

Aromas of nut and mandarin peel give way to a palate enriched with notes of agave honey, spearmint, and ripe mandarin. This fusion of flavors reflects Sarabia’s artistic mastery, honoring his journey from Los Angeles and Russia back to his Mexican roots.

Clase Azul Tequila Edición Limitada x Eduardo Sarabia es mucho más que una bebida; es una obra maestra que fusiona el arte con la destilería narrating the story of an artist and his connection to Mexican culture. Available exclusively, it represents the very essence of creativity and innovative spirit.

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