Baptise Loisseau, the current cellar master at Louis XIII, has selected the very best eaux-de-vie from Grand Champagne to create the most exquisite blend for the world’s best cognac. With hints of myrrh, honey, roses, plumbs, honeysuckle, tobacco, leather, fig, and passion fruit, the sensory experience by Louis XIII is complex and unique, and therefore requires a certain procedure to be enjoyed properly. Here, Övrflöd and Louis XIII bring the best advice to enjoy the finest cognac as much as possible.

The full experience of having a drink involves not only the scent and taste, but also visual elements. It is here that the decanter and the glasses play their part, altering one’s perception of the drink in question. Louis XIII presents their drinks in precious, handmade decanters, with the finest blown glass there is. To preserve the full essence after being served, designer Christophe Pillet has created the Facets of Louis XIII cups, which are designed to elevate the visual and olfactory elements in the cognac.

Once served, the fragrance comes first, with elegant perfumes and floral notes come into play. Enjoyed slowly, the aroma reaches the palette, and a single drop of cognac should then touch the lips, preparing the tongue to taste the flavourful drink. The myrrh, honey, roses, plumbs, honeysuckle, tobacco, leather, fig and passion fruit notes come individually and together, creating a complex experience, the result of the work of entire generations of cellar masters. Louis XIII is the fragrance of time itself.

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The unctuous texture and long finale are ideal for certain pairings, allowing for a timeless pleasure. A perfect pairing is beluga caviar, the oceanic notes increasing the facets of Louis XIII. Another fine option is Bellota ham, the subtle saltiness and soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture prolonging the dense and silky sensations of the cognac.

Now, the best way to store the cognac is to use a cork on the decanter, so as to preserve the natural aromas and flavours, and keep away from sunlight and humidity, as well as a cool temperature of under 20° C. Even after capping the bottle and emptying the cup, the essence of Louis XIII remains, synonymous with the mastery of time.

Unparalleled the world over, the complex quality and rich history of Louis XIII is a demonstration of the dominion over time itself. Patience and planning have brought forth the most exquisite eaux-de-vie, combined into what ultimately is a liquid jewel.

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