Jules Verne, the master of science fiction, is responsible for some of the world’s most astounding stories, especially given the time they were written in. He has taken us to explore the deepest crevices in the Earth, the darkest of the ocean depths and the crater on the lunar surface. One of the most interesting stories of his involves going around the world in under 80 days, a concept that ignites the imagination with possibility, and one that has been payed homage to by Montblanc this year. The Montblanc Meisterstück Around the World in 80 Days is the perfect way to remember Phileas Fogg’s trip around the globe and Verne’s captivating writing. 

While the most recognizable symbol of this trip is the iconic hot air balloon, Montblanc has chosen indigo blue and marine motifs to represent the first part of the 80-day voyage. In the earliest 18 days, Phileas Fogg traveled to Bombay by steamboat, and this passage is represented on the line, along with other elements such as spades, clubs and hearts akin to those found in cards, and dates. Each pen is engraved with ocean waves, cardistry elements and important dates in the voyage, creating a mystifying look for each writing device. 

Engraved on the cap, on the back, is an “18” representing the first trip to Bombay, while the front features a self-explanatory “80”. The tips, all made in 18 karat gold, are engraved with the hot air balloon, and Fogg’s departure date. 

Three editions compose the line, each one unique and detailed to perfection: 


Made in precious blue resin, the ocean waves are carved into the cap along with the card suits, akin to the poker game that propelled the trip. Details are covered in platinum plaque and the Montblanc emblem is set on the cap tip in precious resin. The body is solid blue for an elegant aura that contrasts with the intricate hand-made tip. 


The cap is made in platinum plaque and covered in wave motifs, with a steamboat decoration set on the side. The body is made in blue lacquer with an elegant ombré finish, a suitable instrument for the finest writing. 


The most exclusive in the line, the body and the cap are fully covered in platinum details of waves and card suits. The tip is made in 18 karat gold and finished in champagne and rhodium, granting it a bicolour look. 

Stationary has been designed to accompany this edition, with the wave motifs and the deep indigo blues prevailing through and through, making for a truly elegant collection. A special edition of the Smartwatch Summit Lite with blue calf straps has been released as well, for a fully-fledged experience. 

Montblanc, the leader in luxury writing instruments, once again demonstrates what makes it special. The complete set of stationary and pens mark a before and after in their capability of taking concepts and breathing life into them and crafting beautiful instruments with them. 

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