A great watch should withstand the passage of time. Such a statement has much less to do with the actual watch and more with the meaning given to it by horlogerie aficionados. A fine watch is meant to be a statement, an extension of the wearer’s personality, and timelessness comes not from precious materials and detailed processes but from the watch’s capacity to convey a message for decades. ANd so Pasha by Cartier, since its creation in 1985, emerged as a message of strength and power that permeates to this very day. 

Relaunched in 2020, the sophisticated model marked a new era for the House. In 2021, the Pasha line makes a comeback with two new designs: a delicate 30 mm and a strong 41 mm version. 


Made with innovation in mind, the new Cartier chronograph amplifies the potency and ornateness of the Pasha. A graded, spinning bezel and two cabochon pulsors give the watch a classic chronograph feel and reinforce the characteristic Pasha style. 

This new version is equipped with the Cartier Manufacture 1904-CH MC movement, complete with a sapphire back. All the editions in this line, in gold or steel, have interchangeable straps thanks to the patented QuickSwitch technology and make the adjustment easy with Cartier’s own SmartLink system. 


Continuing on with the trend established in 2020 for the line, the 35 mm now turns into the more delicate 30 mm version. The quartz movement and the QuickSwitch system turn this watch into an instant classic in all its editions, gold, steel and diamond-set. As is customary with Cartier, the watch can be personalized with a special engraving right under the crown cap. 

The Pasha line is timeless, as is Cartier. The refined functionality and intricate design, as well as the materials and care put into creating each piece make them the pinnacle of watchmaking innovation and sophistication. Quality, durability and a striking visual aesthetic accentuate the wearer’s power and strength. A new stride in the line’s history, the new models in the Pasha collection were made by Cartier for those who think and live in grandeur.

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