After visiting the lush city of Dubai, we travel to Italy, a country of great history, heritage and a world referent in gastronomy, art, fashion, and travel destinations. Övrflöd brings you a selection based on the utmost luxury. Our voyage begins in Lombardy, in Northern Italy, at the waters of Lake Como, where Alessandro Manzoni develops his i promessi sposi. The locale has inspired Leonardo daVinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Stendhal, Winston Churchill, Vicenzi Bellini, among many others who long for tranquility, privacy and picturesque landscapes. We explore the Grand hotel Tremezzi, right at the lake shore, the best option to live a lush experience of incomparable quality. 

A must see is located in Emilia-Romaña, famous for the authentic balsamic vinegar, as well as being the birthplace of Ferrari and Lamborghini, and an unmatched gastronomical offer. Managed by chef Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana was considered the best restaurant in the world by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and now owns three Michelin Stars. A truly italian proposal, this establishment offers high cuisine like nowhere else in the world. 

We continue towards Tuscany, where art, cultural richness and breathtaking landscapes can be appreciated all around. Some outstanding vineyards can be found here, as well as n Piamonte, right next to Switzerland and France. We bring you a selection of fine wines from Italy’s most exclusive vineyards, ideal to pair with any meal.

The adventure comes to an end in the Mediterrenean Sea, where we go aboard the Oceanco Fleet. Leader in superyacht manufacturing, each boat can be made in a range from 80 to 140 meters, and tailored to each client’s needs, from full rooms, saloons, dining rooms, bathtubs, and piscines to a full heliport. 

We also bring you the very best in all our sections, from italian brands that you must know, one of the best barbershops in the world, and many other articles that will bring a luxury lifestyle closer to you. 

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