I clearly remember the days, six months ago, when we were so eagerly planning this year’s first edition – and today I’ve realized that almost half a year has gone by since. I’m still a bit baffled about it.

            This month we continue en route throughout Asia. Next stop: Thailand, a wonderful country here the tropical beaches, ancient ruins and golden palaces make every traveler fall madly in love. We arrive at the city centre for a brief and relaxing stay at The Siam, a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Bangkok, before continuing our travels along the coast, towards new, exciting adventures. We also took a brief escapade to Milan for the Design Week 2023, in which Louis Vuitton marveled us with their proposals. And, in our way back to Asia, we made a quick stop in New York for the reopening of Tiffany’s boutique in the Fifth Avenue, all of which we have written with luxury of detail.

            While I was doing my research for this month’s issue, my inbox was flooded with celebration bulletins from many brands in the world of luxe, and they have given me a few ideas for our next anniversary edition and a few surprises. Though these I will tell you later. Meanwhile stay tuned to our social media, and we’ll meet again in July to continue our travels.


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