In this year so full of changes, ÖVRFLÖD has been growing in ways that, back in January, I couldn’t even have imagined. There are new members in our community, and a new anniversary edition that has been met with great enthusiasm. Thank you. 

This month we continue our eternal celebration to luxe not traveling, as is our custom, but instead staying home and reveling in the marvels to explore. Just sitting back a bit to plan ahead our future travels, of course in the highest, most decadent comfort. To sum up our findings, there are cruise ships that take you on a trip to look for otherworldly gastronomical experiences, haute-horlogerie limited editions to-die-for, and some exquisite jewels that are only some of the wonders that we have included inside these pages. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

See you next month, 



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