New beginnings always entail uncertainty, but I find them to be an opportunity to grow, explore new routes and dare to do different things. Under that premise I’d like to invite you to a journey with ÖVRFLÖD, where we will explore new horizons. We will begin by joining Chopard in their latest venture, which births the L.U.C. XP Urushi Year of the Dragon, a watch that pays homage to the lunar calendar, complete with an Urushi Lacquer technique that carries legacy, excellence and evolution with it.

Sometimes, though, evolution comes not from an empty place but from a concrete vision. Tiffany understands this and thus pays homage to Jean Schlumberger, a jewellery designer that has defined the industry since 1956. 

Japanese culture, traditions and the contrast between ancestral legacy and modern technology come alive in Four Seasons Tokyo and Kyoto where harmonious landscapes and amenities envelope guests. 

Our oldest readers know that each year we strive to create a new chapter in our history, but we always maintain our essence. We simply search for new and exciting ways to bring you the ÖVRFLÖD vision.

Find our digital edition starting February 9th and remember to keep the conversation going on our social media. 



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