When one thinks of tequila, it is almost impossible not to also think of Mexico, its origin country. A place filled with culture and tradition, Mexico’s spirits are known for being some of the most emblematic worldwide, and each is more exquisite than the last. In their search for excellent tequila and mezcal, Clase Azul México have come upon a vision of creating bonds through objects and experiences that are closely related to Mexican culture and hospitality. Their extensive work with artisans from all over the country has flourished into a project that blends the best of tradition and steadfast innovation.

 The development is supervised by master brewer Viridiana Tinoco, whose great vision and careful planning help unique flavours come into being inside the casks. The tequila is first distilled in Los Altos, Jalisco, where the agave is cultivated and treated to become silver tequila, a pure version of the drink that often captivates with its unique notes. This silver distillate is then aged in oak casks and infused with time and spices, varying in time, altitude and ingredients to obtain a series of tequilas representing the most emblematic flavours from many regions of Mexico. Each of them is bottled inside a handmade decanter and decorated according to its contents, as well as the geographical region it draws inspiration from.

You can get to know their many proposals in person at their showroom in San José del Cabo, where inside their destino you will find a restaurant, bar and omakase where you will find exceptional pairings. A unique idea with exquisite design and realization, Clase Azul’s destinos are a destination that cannot be missing in your plans for your next stay in Mexico.

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