Each year, Tiffany & Co presents their Blue Book collection, which presents the latest innovations in high jewellery and design. This year, the firs Blue Book collection by Artistic Director Nathalie Verdeille is unveiled as a precious homage to Jean Schlumberger. 

Schlumberger had a particular fascination for sea life and the ocean, taking maritime biology as an inspiration for his designs. With this in mind, Out of the Blue takes the geometric and stylized aesthetic of Schlumberger’s works and reinvents the symbols and codes to deliver pieces that fit into Schlumberger’s world seamlessly. 

The full collection will be unveiled in two phases throughout 2023, and showcases different lines with a single theme: Shell, Coral, Jellyfish, Pisces, Starfish, Sea Star, and Star Urchin, each named after a particular animal. 

Shell shows the ocean’s sculptures, while Coral explores the exuberant colours of  tanzanite, sapphires and diamonds. Jellyfish evokes the elegant movement of the eponymous animals, while Pisces is a study of the sea that complements the deep blues with warm coloured stones. Star Urchin shows symmetric and dramatic pieces, set with tanzanites, and Starfish imagines the iconic animal entangled between the rocks, represented by tourmalines, beryllium and aquamarines. 

Among the standout pieces, a transformable pendant with a diamond brooch that reveals a 21-karat black opal is especially notable, as are a collection of mother-of-pearl hand carved starfish, entwined with coral motifs, and rings and collars with intricate coral designs. 

The Out of the Blue collection celebrates Tiffany & Co’s history with High Jewellery. To be presented in Tiffany’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, this Blue Book collection is a reminder of the House’s design capabilities.

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