Known for their iconic style and minimalist design, Louis Vuitton comes back this month to surprise us with a set of light fixtures that are pure art for the home. The Louis Vuitton: Objets Nomades is a small collection of sculpture lamps designed alongside some of the art world’s greatest names, and they are all made just to take our breaths away.

Spiral Chandelier – Atelier Oï

A miniature version of the monumental chandelier that hangs from the ceiling of Louis Vuitton’s restaurant in Chengdu, China, this leather-strapped marvel irradiates light in a soft, mesmerising aura. Its two-coloured, elegantly twisted straps create a dazzling structure that plays with light and shape to enchant anyone who sets eyes on it.

Flower Tower – Atelier Biagetti

A shining column of Italian hand-blown glass, formed of a series of bubbles arranged in flowers resembling Louis Vuitton’s monogram, the Flower Tower illuminates itself in a way that seems almost magical. The fine transparent bubbles each possess an opaline ring at the base, which catches the light that comes from the base and top LEDs and gives the impression of the bubbles softly floating in the glow.

Capeline Lamp – Marcel Wanders

Inspired by the shape of the feminine hat to which it owes its name, the Capeline Lamp’s three layers of Czech frosted glass diffuse light with endless elegance. Both its ceiling and wall versions are stunning – made just right to easily become a room’s centrepiece.

Photos: courtesy.

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