Unveiled during Milan Design Week 2023, the newest additions to the FENDI Casa collection are housed in the FENDI Milan Boutique at Piazza della Scala. Each piece retakes elements of the FENDI design language, incorporating the fashion codes into the world of interior design. 

The collection retakes three core concepts to explore through each piece. Crafting, linked to the craftsmanship process,  Family, with the cosy feel that the collection evokes, and Vibrant, with its glamorous flair. 

Recurring themes in the collection include the arches, as a callback to architecture and its incorporation in the FENDI language, and leather, a gesture to FENDI’s mastery over all materials. A special attention is put on the colour and its codification as an element of elegance in tobacco, beige, grey and pink. 

A few standouts from the whole collection are the timeless Wassily chair, an interpretation of what the Bauhaus had in mind when creating the design principles, and the Totu table, bed, bedside tables and ottoman that create a unique balance of shape and function with a totally tubular design. 

The collection also carries three innovative seating solutions that further the design codes within it: Pekasit, which lifts the design form the cult bag that gives it its name, an organic shaped leather shell with a soft, padded cushion; the Blow Up, a modular seating element that lifts FENDI design principles and visual codes; and the Taiko with large square shapes that compose it ensuring the utmost comfort. 

Some other standouts are the Icaro table of linear base, the Ottavia chairs for the dining room, the Delano bed with matching tables, the Artichoke metal lamp now offered in metal, and the new carpets in varying patterns, like the Stalagma, the Walata and the Skimo, from the FENDI archives. 

A unique way to innovate in interior design, the latest FENDI Casa collection creates a bridge between architecture and fashion, design and innovation, and brings sophistication to the home in a way only Maison FENDI can. 

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