Meet Andrés Monnier, a self-taught sculptor who has carved his own niche in the heart of the art world, quite literally. His chosen medium? Rocks. In a candid conversation, Monnier shares profound insights on the fascinating relationship between rocks, life, time, and art.

Ancient Wisdom of Rocks

Andrés Monnier’s philosophy centers on the profound realization that rocks are ancient, born through millennia of geological processes. They embody secrets, stories, and energy within their textures, shapes, colors, and porosity. “Rocks hold a connection with the measure of motion and time,” he emphasizes.

A Dance of Permanence and Transcendence

Monnier’s journey with rocks was not a conscious choice; he feels the rocks chose him. Handling these enduring materials has made him keenly aware of the contrast between human life’s ephemeral nature and the timeless existence of rocks. This interplay of impermanence and perpetuity is a central theme in his work.

Art Beyond Design

Monnier’s creations transcend traditional design. He views his pieces as fragments of a materialized consciousness, going beyond the physical. Each piece serves a purpose and narrates stories through the synergy of art, design, and technique. His work is a testament to the boundless possibilities of human thought and creativity.

Transforming Reality and the Self

Just as perception shapes our reality, Monnier believes rocks can be transformed with the right tools and techniques. Working with rocks is akin to many handcrafting processes that require synchronizing the body and mind. It’s a deeply focused state that helps him understand and express diverse ways of thinking. Monnier sees sculpting as a way to reshape his thinking through a malleable and organic material.

Inspiration Sparks

Monnier keeps the flame of inspiration alive through sensitivity to his surroundings. He values his innate sensitivity, which drives him to delve deeply into each piece he creates. The pain he once perceived as a weakness has become a strength, propelling him to invest himself profoundly in his work.

From Concept to Creation

Monnier’s process emphasizes involvement in every creative step. From conceiving an idea to crafting the piece by hand, he ensures the concept, although remaining the soul of the piece, stays open to improvisation and experimentation throughout the production process, allowing creativity and imagination to flourish.

Working with Stone and Beyond

A self-taught sculptor, Monnier often pushes past his limits to complete his pieces. Stone, particularly its weight, presents unique challenges and reminds him to pay respect to the material’s significance, its connection to time and natural processes. Monnier works with various stones, each with its singular characteristics and purpose.

While stone is his signature material, Monnier’s curiosity and experimentation extend to other natural materials like glass, metal, clay, and wood, enhancing his artistic evolution.

Purposeful Creations

Monnier’s motivation lies in creating pieces with multi-sensorial purposes. Beyond mere functionality, his work prompts introspection and contemplation. He values the subtlety of meaningful details, leading people to question their feelings about themselves and existence. Monnier’s art is an invitation to explore the depths of the human experience, transcending the boundaries of time and perception.

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