Nestled in the heart of the Colonia Juárez neighborhood, Soho House has made its grand entrance into the vibrant Latin American scene with the opening of Soho House Mexico City. Housed within a meticulously restored historic residence redesigned by the brilliant minds at Soho House Design, this establishment embodies the essence of luxury living while paying homage to the French influences and baroque heritage of its historic building.

At its core, Soho House Mexico City is a true masterpiece. With its elegant design and luxurious finishes, it has quickly become a symbol of indulgence in the city. The house is a haven for the culturally curious, a place where the essence of the past meets the avant-garde, and where the guests are invited to experience a blend of historic charm and modern luxury.

This lavish residence features multiple bars that cater to every desire, including a dedicated tequila bar, a library, and a vinyl room for those with a penchant for music. As you step outside, you’re greeted with an enticing outdoor patio and a 19-meter swimming pool, which is a testament to both design and comfort. The Pool House offers a picturesque setting to indulge in sumptuous cuisine, making it a perfect spot to savor a delightful meal with friends or family. Not to forget, Soho House Mexico City also presents an initial offering of four guest rooms that define sophistication.

Soho House Design has masterfully preserved the property’s European origins, embracing a bold yet neutral color palette to create an ambiance of timeless luxury. The interiors artfully combine contemporary furnishings with vintage treasures sourced from renowned Mexican designers such as Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ana Montiel, and Dr. Lakra, resulting in an aesthetic that is both globally inspired and uniquely Mexican.

For those with a passion for culinary exploration, Soho House Mexico City is a treasure trove. Collaborating with Three Michelin Star and James Beard Award-winning chef Christopher Kostow, the house promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Their menus celebrate the distinctive flavors and locally-sourced ingredients that are emblematic of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. Grupo Hunan, one of Mexico City’s most prestigious restaurant groups, oversees the dining services, ensuring every meal is a masterpiece.

This venue is a true ode to art. More than just a design aesthetic, it hosts a collection of over 150 works by artists born, based, or trained in Mexico. From murals to custom textiles, ceramics, and paintings, Soho House Mexico City is a canvas of creativity.

Soho House has made a grand entrance into Latin America, demonstrating its commitment to embracing diverse cultures and reflecting the vibrant creative scene that is synonymous with this region. This new location is a tribute to Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and adds to Soho House’s prestigious collection of establishments worldwide. It’s a testament to their dedication to crafting luxurious experiences, and Soho House Mexico City has set an impressive precedent in the region. Here’s to celebrating the fusion of old-world charm with the luxuries of the contemporary world.

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