Right in the docks of George Town, the capital of Penang, Malaysia, there is a restaurant with a peculiar charm. Starting with a minimalistic décor in white and warm wood tones, along with an open kitchen and stylish floor to ceiling windows, Gēn’s atmosphere is warm and elegant at a time, an open invitation to sit down and relax.

By the hand of chef Johnson Wong, the plates served at Gēn’s tables are made to surprise. Vibrant compositions accompany fresh flavours tinted with a warm nostalgia, every bite reminiscing of a moment of chef Wong’s childhood. All the ingredients are locally sourced, with emphasis on the tubers and seafood, straight from the docks’ freshest catch. A little piece of history and homely charm inhabits the stylish plates at Gēn and its memory road of a tasting menu: as the name states, Gēn are the roots in the ground.

Fresh, innovative and with a dash of home, Gēn’s premise is a simple one: to share the flavours of Malaysia with all who cross their doors, through a personal, contemporary view of the local cuisine. Next time you find yourself in Penang do plan for dinner at Gēn: the place is unforgettable, and you’ll be wanting to come in back again.

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