In the heart of Madrid’s luxurious Salamanca neighborhood stands a 19th-century mansion that houses the iconic Hotel Único. Within its opulent walls is the Ramón Freixa Madrid restaurant, a culinary temple where technique, product, and feeling converge to offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Led by renowned chef Ramón Freixa, awarded two Michelin stars and three Repsol Suns, the restaurant has become synonymous with culinary excellence. Here, the authenticity of the flavors is intertwined with a modern vision, giving rise to dishes conceived with avant-garde techniques and a deep respect for the product. The menu, marked by the seasonality of the ingredients, evolves with the seasons, offering detailed studies of products such as tomatoes in summer, game in autumn, and truffles in winter. With various tasting menus adapted to the preferences of diners, each visit to Ramón Freixa Madrid is a unique and exciting gastronomic experience.

The restaurant, renovated in 2017, reflects the timeless elegance of the hotel that houses it. Designed as an elegant and refined space, the restaurant’s harmonious atmosphere is complemented by décor of exceptional quality. Preserving the original structure of the mansion, the space fuses classic elements with cosmopolitan touches, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Sophisticated sofas and tables decorated in fine gray linen provide comfort to diners, while careful lighting highlights every detail of the exquisite environment.

Ramón Freixa, one of the country’s most brilliant chefs, personifies innovation and passion for Mediterranean gastronomy. In his restaurant, his personal cuisine is revealed through masterfully prepared dishes that captivate the most demanding palates. With an exceptional wine selection and impeccable service, Ramón Freixa Madrid is the culmination of gastronomic art in the vibrant Spanish capital.

Located in the prestigious Salamanca neighborhood, the Hotel Único Madrid is the perfect refuge for the most demanding travelers. Part of the Único Hotels collection of luxury hotels, this urban oasis combines historical elegance with contemporary luxury. With a privileged location close to Madrid’s main museums, parks, and shops, the hotel is the epitome of style and sophistication in the Spanish capital.

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