The last four months have marked an interesting start for the year, full with great news from many branches of luxe. Watchmaking, automotive and haute couture have been restlessly creating wonders  as of late, and this has caused me to meditate a great deal. A fine line, however different the industry, joins them all: the mastery of time. from the conception of their projects to their materialization, patience has been key in carrying their processes to good port and to finish with extraordinary results. 

At ÖVRFLÖD, I have come to realize, we have a bit of it ourselves. Every edition from our earliest days to now has been made according to our main belief, that every page and paragraph must be a delight to our readers. From the research and writing of our articles, across layout and illustration and with the finalizing touch of a front page made to be remembered. 

Like I promised in my previous letter, this month we will take our travels away from the Asian southeast and set the course to Switzerland, just in time to arrive for the Watches and Wonders 2023. There, we will admire the marvels that the watchmaking world has so carefully cultivated over the past years, and share with you our favourite selections. 

I hope that, like us, you enjoy and marvel at our findings. 


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