The thrill of possibility is what drives us towards new experiences and discoveries. In this spirit, we as humankind have conquered the highest peaks and the deepest mines. From these hidden places we have extracted the most beautiful treasures, tokens that represent our achievements in the world. In this spirit, Chopard has gathered some exceptional gems, all complying with Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele’s taste for the extraordinary.

Presented during the Paris Haute Couture Week, the set of astonishing gems begins with a pair of yellow Ceylon sapphires, of 151.19 and 127.70 carats respectively, their impressive weight and purity destined to adorn a ring and matching cuff bracelet.  A third sapphire with the deepest Royal Blue colour and an impressively symetric shape completes the set mined from the rich mines of Sri Lanka. 

A bright red ruby in a deep, natural, vivid colouration stands out with its 10.06 carat weight and purity. Up to par are two sets of coloured diamonds, intended for a pair of earrings and a “You and Me” ring. Three green and three pink diamonds are intended to shine with their pear-shapes and their few impurities. 

The whole set is closed with precious blue tourmaline with a beautiful clarity, blue tonalities coming through the exceptional trio of stones. Two gems of over seven carats and a third one, intended for a ring, of almost 16 carats are the most impactful elements in the new set. 

Along with these gems, a necklace graced with sculpted rose gold, diamond and pink sapphire, inspired by costumes of old, a ring set with a yellow oval-cut diamond, and a precious necklace in white diamonds flowing into a yellow 100-carat diamond were presented, as a statement of Chopard’s ability to turn unique stones as the ones unveiled in the set into outstanding pieces of jewellery. Certainly, Chopard is more than capable of taking the possibilities hidden inside the beautiful natural stones and making them all come true.

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