Just by Singapore River’s banks, there where the waters finally join the ocean, sits a building that has been a witness to a whole country’s growth. Built in 1928 as the Fullerton Building, and renovated in 2011 to become a magnificent hotel, the Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a monument to historical richness and the splendour that only the passing of history can confer to a certain place.

 Once the social, commercial, and even official centre of Singapore, the hotel’s premises are a historical delight themselves. Fastuous halls and conference rooms, historical offices and great dispatches that once dictated the country’s destiny are nowadays exquisite rooms and suites with beauteous views to the city, sea or river. Each and every suite or room is unique and has its own history: there are those with dramatic stairs that speak of plays and romances, as well as private elevators that lead into well-hidden rooms with fantastic views.  All of them are listed in a great catalogue along with some hint of their history; it is up to you to explore their wonders and choose a marvel to explore.

 With this in mind, it is just to say that staying at the Fullerton is none but a blissful blend of marvel and comfort. Apart from the wonders that lurk behind every corner, the Fullerton is well-equipped with a set of state-of-the-art amenities such as gym, spa, and an infinity pool. More than the installations, however, the Fullerton’s team is another marvel to behold: expertly trained in hospitality and widely praised for their warmth and care, they are sure to make your stay a tale to remember. Start your day by having breakfast at the Town Restaurant, located by the river, and afterwards a day of entertainment awaits just a short walk from the hotel. Thanks to its privileged location, the Fullerton is just a couple minutes away from museums, parks, theatres, and concert halls, as well as the docks and the Clarke Quay, one of the most renowned entertainment venues in all Singapore.

 Even if you stay inside, the Fullerton still is ready to surprise you. An exclusive selection of boutiques on the first floor make for an excellent morning of shopping, or, if you’d rather, the Fullerton Heritage Gallery preserves a vast postal and biographic archive for you to marvel at.  Tea is served in the Courtyard, a sunlit restaurant in the lobby’s atrium where elegance and relaxation are the norm— and the pastries are positively scrumptious—, and the evening is yours to enjoy and prepare for dinner at Jade, an exclusive restaurant on the top floor where you’ll be able to enjoy the best authentic Chinese dishes amidst an atmosphere of pure refinement.

 An icon and key of Singapore’s history, the Fullerton Hotel Singapore is much more than a mere ideal destination for your next stay. Surrounded by the city that saw its birth and of which it continues to be a beating heart, the timeless splendour of its halls is one of a kind. So next time you plan on making a trip to Singapore be sure to book a stay in its rooms – and prepare to immerse yourself in its history and wonder.

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