Nestled in a beauteous jungled stripe between Malaysia’s south east forest and the South China Sea, right beside pearly-white sands and water tinted an intense turquoise, there is a complex where time away takes on an unique perspective.

Built by the famed Kerry Hills Architects, the One&Only Desaru Coast makes great honours to its name, starting from the architecture. A project that revolves around the idea of enjoying one’s privacy while uplifting the local ecosystem’s natural beauty, all the buildings in the complex incorporate elements of the traditional Malaysian kampung. All the suites are equipped with private swimming pools and the lushest of bathrooms one can imagine, all surrounded by blooming gardens that ensure the guest’s privacy while relaxing and entertaining guests.

  Not only are the suites a sight at the One&Only: its culinary bid is also exuberantly varied, just as well as the dining experiences to get at its restaurants. The Ember Beach Club, for example, will welcome you amidst a lively atmosphere full with entertainment, ready for the bold and the adventurous. Ambara, on the other hand, has a quiet chef’s garden for you to relax in as you enjoy the best of Mediterranean cuisine, and an open kitchen where you can watch the cooks at work as exquisite, freshly baked bread and roast meats come out of its traditional firewood oven. Essential serves the best of traditional Malaysian cuisine, in a flurry of vibrant, unique flavours that you cannot miss. And finally, the star of the dining scene is Hoshi, a traditional Japanese restaurant that boasts a seasonal menu and theatrical preparations that are sure to turn any dinner into a magical experience.

  Just as any great beachside complex, the One&Only has many activities planned for the lovers of the sun and the sea. A myriad of exciting water sports await you at the beach, just as private yoga classes in a seaside pavilion, fishing trips, golf courses and a spa, and even traditional Malaysian martial arts. However, what you cannot miss are the private nature tours around the complex – led by expert naturalists, they will take you on adventures to spot the best of the local flora and fauna, unravelling the territory’s secrets right before your eyes. And if you still crave for stories, you are welcome to join both astronomers and naturalists around the fire a couple nights a week, and marvel at the many beauties that are hiding in plain sight.            A rest and relax complex like no other, the One&Only Desaru Coast has everything you are looking for and even more. The thrill of discovery is at your fingertips in their eye-opening experiences, along with the best of comfort and entertainment you can wish for. All of it a part of their unique essence, the One&Only is just a spot that you can’t miss.

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