At the heart of the Mayan Jungle an oasis of sustainable hospitality  emerges: Destino Mío Mayan Jungle Retreat by AKEN Soul. With Soizic Ávila’s and Gabriel Béjar’s vision, this enclave has been established as a unique refuge, where every detail is meticulously planned to offer a transformative experience.

The transcendental purpose of Destino Mío goes beyond being a place to stay; it is a portal to reconnect, both with the majesty of the Mayan Jungle and with oneself. From its reception to every proposed activity, it focuses on providing the ideal space to disconnect from the world and immerse oneself in discovery, not only of the region but also of oneself.

The distinctiveness of Destino Mío lies in its eco-responsible commitment. Every aspect, from the architecture of its buildings to its sustainable initiatives, is carefully designed to minimize its impact on the local ecosystem. Its program, led by an Ecology Leader, closely oversees 72 conditions that limit any ecological impact, from protecting local fauna and flora to the careful management of water and the production of electricity through solar panels.

The accommodation offer is equally impressive. Casa Adolfo, inspired by Yucatecan architecture and with private access to cenote Emil, offers an intimate and welcoming experience for up to 10 guests. The suites, with private pools and spacious terraces, invite guests to enjoy the jungle in absolute comfort. Meanwhile, La Aldea Glamping, comprising 8 exclusive glampings, provides an immersive experience in nature without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

The holistic centre AKEN Spa & Wellness – Utópika stands as a unique space in the region. Built around a dry cenote, this sanctuary of wellness offers treatments that foster introspection and connection with nature, such as holistic massages and sessions in the temazcal.

In the culinary aspect, the restaurant Cocina Tamarindo celebrates Yucatecan cuisine with fresh ingredients from the property’s garden. The careful preparation of each dish nurtures and cares for diners, adapting to both local and international tastes with culinary techniques that honour regional tradition, such as underground cooking: pib.

Beyond lodging and gastronomy, Destino Mío presents itself as a space for transformative experiences. From spiritual retreats to social and family events, each activity is designed to guarantee guests total disconnection and a recharge of energy in perfect harmony with nature.

Destino Mío Mayan Jungle Retreat is not just a place of escape; it is a commitment to sustainability, well-being, and self-discovery in the heart of the Mayan Jungle.

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