Sitting on the coast of the Indic Ocean, in the Tangalle Region, Sri Lanka, there is a resort that is perfect for those seeking both calm and quiet and an adventure worth telling for years and years.

First things first, you will settle in your suite upon arrival, where an alluring private pool and terrace with sea views are both waiting to help you ponder on what to do with your day. The resort is equipped with everything you might want for your relaxation needs, from a luxurious spa with ayurvedic treatments and on-call massagists that will come to your room, as well as yoga teachers that impart their classes right by the ocean’s waves. And, once you’ve spent a whole morning floating on a wellness cloud, the floating lounge on lake Mawella is the best place to have a bite and catch the sight of the incredible local waterbirds while you come back to planet Earth.

Outside the resort you might find a variety of temples and sacred caves, tea plantations and natural reservoirs that are open for you to visit and marvel at the natural beauty that is housed in Sri-Lanka. Perhaps book a safari and go see some of the world’s most impressive animals in their natural habitats, such as leopards and elephants, or visit the Bundala bird sanctuary, where incredible feathered beauties abound. If you are lucky, you could even go visit an elephant sanctuary, where orphaned young elephants are taken care of.

Amanwella prides itself in its connection with the local communities, which is why you could also choose from a range of activities that will bring you closer to the country and its culture. You can join the locals for surfing, snorkelling and blue whale, dolphin and sperm whale sighting, or well have an early morning and catch the fishermen for a trip in the sea, where they will also teach you their traditional fishing methods.  It can also be arranged for you to have dinner at a local house in the nearest town, where a family will host you and teach you stories and how to prepare their favourite traditional dishes.

This world is full of wonder, and to discover it, you need not more than be willing to come forth and open yourself to new horizons. Amanwella offers you a sanctuary of peace surrounded by beauty, in a region teeming with life and deep in beautiful traditions. Let yourself see the world in new, amazing ways, and have a nice trip to Sri Lanka, where the waves and the people are waiting with open arms.

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