We present now our last issue of the year, and with it, ÖVRFLÖD celebrates a new anniversary, rounding up a year of learning and full of new experiences. Each month we pride ourselves in bringing our philosophy of luxury to your favourite sections such as Motor, Clockwork and Travel, all with our own standard of excellence. However, all this would not be possible without the support of the ÖVRFLÖD Family, as everything we’ve built relies on the work of the talented people who have believed in this magazine from its very conception. 

I still remember when we gathered in Room 106 (I’ll share what that means in due time), where ideas were born, challenged and transformed to create a path for our work to follow. What we always knew was that we wanted to become the website and magazine with the most exclusive contents in the luxury world, and be a breath of fresh air for those who live luxury as a lifestyle. The road has not been easy, full of change and evolution, requiring flexibility, learning and arduous work from us. Nevertheless, our success is also thanks to you, dear reader, to each and every one of you who joins the ÖVRFLÖD family on the daily. As such, I’d like to give you a warm welcome if this is the first time you are reading our pages, welcome to this adventure brimming with exclusivity, luxury and excitement.

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The part of my job that I enjoy the most is planning each edition’s contents, which poses a challenge, so as to bring fresh and new ideas each month. This time, our Big Issue marks the closing of this year’s trip, and as such, I took a risk (like I usually do), and decided on a compendium of places, which has no simile among our previous issues. We take a quick trip through Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and a few others, where the sea, the desert and the urban collide, inviting the reader to discover their secrets. Thus, this edition is a unique voyage with a diverse array of experiences for those who desire the unknown. 

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The ÖVRFLÖD team wishes everyone happy holidays, and excellent start to the year, and new learning opportunities.

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