Established in 2004, Crizia offers a new gourmet experience with an exclusively Argentinian identity. Crizia combines the very best of regional ingredients with the sea, fire, and earth, as well as design architecture, to create unique dishes.

Chef Gabriel Oggero began his career at 10, when he worked at the “Ciervo de Oro” catering family business. He then took a world tour where he perfected his technique and palette, founding the MASTICAR food fair in Argentina, where chefs present their new creations and culinary innovations. He offers a unique cuisine with regional, seasonal ingredients and a fresh, contemporary take on traditional Argentinian dishes.

Geri Castaldo, Chef Oggero’s wife, designs and decorates the space, the ambience and the China at Crizia. She is half of the duet that works together to bring new, unforgettable, multisensorial experiences to diners.

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Gabriel and Geri build a deliciously Argentinian flavour fantasy that rises as the country’s culinary arrowhead. Chef Oggero is also a pioneer in the upbringing of clams and oysters in Argentina, promoting local consumption. Crizia’s specialty, the oysters are Oggera’s pride, who has perfected this ingredient’s nuances since his first steps into the culinary world.

The best option Is the tasting menu which includes oysters, prawns, capers, regional dishes, and varied chocolates. The a-la-carte menu is also a great choice, with dishes organised according to their origin or means of cooking: earth, sea, fire, and firewood. Some standouts include the cuadrotti burrata & mascarpone, and sealed red tuna with select salad.

An authentic essence, and a vanguard in the South American cuisine, design meets Argentinian flavours in an unparalleled experience at Crizia. Just like a pearl, flavours hide in oysters, and other special dishes by Chef Oggero, a true visionary of Argentinian high cuisine.

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