Throughout the year we have visited different countries with luxury experiences such as Morocco, South Africa, Dubai, Italy, France, Monaco and Switzerland, and this month we visit a country where music, food, and hospitality are an integral part of the culture. Our first stop will be marked by the Palacio Real, the Alcalá Door, the Prado Museum, and Cibeles Fountain, all of which surround the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid. An homage to César Ritz’ pioneering spirit, the most recent makeover profiles the Ritz as the most luxurious hotel in Madrid, complete with its five restaurants and bars managed by one of the world’s top chefs. We will then travel to the Mediterranean coast of Alicante, where we will visit the Sha Wellness Clinic, where the spirit, the body and the mind are cared for with mastery. 

We will also discover the best of Spanish cuisine with a gastronomic route through the best fine dining experiences in the country, all of which own a Michelin star and have turned Spain into a culinary world-reference. Finally, we will explore Spanish fashion, an industry which has evolved and redefined male wear, spearheaded by Palomo Spain, Mans, and Carlota Barrera. 

Remember to check out our editorial edition on November 1st, where you will have access to exclusive content not available on our website. Prepare yourself for our December edition, which will feature a special celebration for the ÖVRFLÖD anniversary. 



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