Ephemeral art exposes a fundamental part of human essence: the temporality that characterizes existence. That is the reason why people treasure memories above all else, and it is the mission of House of Kirschner to help create these memories.

Founded by Mauricio Kirschner, the House is a production company ideal for those not afraid of achieving the impossible. Mauricio studied interior design and architecture and later specialized in lighting design, art and landscaping, effectively turning him into an expert in all things production. His artistic sensibility births ideas that perfectly match each client’s wildest dreams, ensuring a unique ephemeral and aesthetic experience for every occasion.

Impossible is but a word for the House of Kirschner. They promise to create a special artistic vision for each event, original and special, ensuring the celebration will not be forgotten. The team, led by Mauricio, is always on the lookout for new trends and draws inspiration from fashion and each season brings new concepts to the table. An expansive and diverse contact pool and the privileged vision of all the artists working for the House, combined with their passion for creating the impossible, help build an incomparable experience.

Productions under the Kirschner label are all inclusive and do not leave any aspect to chance. Props and scenery are custom-made for each client, while flower sculptures, high cuisine and prime entertainment are specially considered for every event without exception. Kirschner offers the following services with the highest brand of quality:

Floral architecture

            House of Kirschner takes every flower’s individual details into account in creating their intricate designs, which promptly enhance each petal’s natural beauty. Custom-made for very occasion, limits do not exist when creating beautiful universes from thousands upon thousands of flowers. Monumental petal waterfalls, massive arcs and columns, and many others, offer endless possibilities for each celebration.

Scenery and prop design

            Recreate Times Square or Wonderland inside a ballroom. Mount huge screens on every wall to project whatever the heart desires and build a whole new world inside any event saloon. House of Kirschner goes to any needed extreme to accomplish all the client’s oneiric fantasies.

Specialized furniture

            Of great importance in every event, furniture should go with the rest of the decoration, and enhance it at the same time. House of Kirschner promises to provide the best fit for every concept, taking from their trusted providers and house designers. A myriad of different colours and styles are available to find the perfect fit every time.

High cuisine

            An authentic trip through the body, the heart and pleasure, Kirschner’s chefs are experts and find themselves among the very best in the industry. Cocktails, luxe buffets, and Junk Bars of different kinds offer the utmost sophistication during each meal.

Exclusive entertainment

            Integral to any production, entertainment is a priority for Kirschner, choosing the right performance for every celebration, according to need and want. Contemporary dance, light shows, fire and video mapping often get involved during showtime. House of Kirschner may also provide prime artists and entertainers such as Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, The Dolls, and actors such as Nicolas Cage, Eli Roth, Antonio Banderas, Milla Jovovic and Penelope Cruz.

House of Kirschner takes great pride in being a ultra-high-quality production house. Among their usual clients lay Burning Man, Art Basel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Saint Laurent, and Bvlgari. Mauricio Kirschner and all the designers and artists in his team are prepared to offer the best and most exclusive services, planning every minute detail for every celebration, special occasion and event, making the most of the time available and creating ephemeral experiences never to be forgotten. 

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