Michelin Stars are the most prestigious awards given only to the most impressive restaurants and chefs in the world, requiring to pass multiple filters before obtaining just one of them. When a restaurant or chef manages to be awarded with more than one Michelin star, it is an outstanding achievement. That is why Martín Berasategui, Spanish chef established as one of the world’s most highly praised cooks, and his total 12 Michelin stars are a truly remarkable example.

Born in San Sebastián, Berasategui learned to cook from several different places and it took his maximum effort to perfect. Constantly switching between his natal town, where he worked at the Bodegón Alejandro, where he would obtain his first Michelin Star in 1986, and France, which would take his knowledge to an international level. Eventually he resided in Bayona and Anglet, where his technique would be perfected, but his true debut would happen in Labtut and Ustariz, by the side of Didier Oudil, who would introduce him to high cuisine, and Alain Ducasse, in Mónaco, with whom he would learn the best practices.

After opening his first restaurant in Laserte, in 1993, Martín Berasategui ascended quickly to his current status, not without total dedication and devotion to his work. Today, he gastronomically directs 17 restaurants appart from his flagship establishment and has published over 20 recipe books. He proudly owns 12 Michelin Stars and positions himself as one of the best chefs in the world, also headlining the Repsol Guide with 9 Suns.

His flagship restaurant is named Martin Berasategui, after himself, and is located in Laserte-Oria, just a short drive away from his natal San Sebastián. It stands amidst the Spanish countryside and is a truly impressive establishment: it obtained its first Michelin Star just six months after its inauguration, and achieved the next two stars within the next ten years, excelling with the best possible score in the Michelin Guide by 2002.

Innovative recipes and imaginative cuisine characterize this restaurant, finding its roots in the local environment, whilst incorporating international elements in the chef’s creations. The impeccable culinary tradition is complimented by the excellent service directed by Oneka Arregui and José Manuel Borcella. To top it off, the sommeliers manage a perfect wine cellar to pair every plate.

The restaurant itself showcases the peculiar essence of Berasategui, creating harmony between modern elements and pure nature, whilst integrating gastronomy with careful excellence. The sensory experience is round and consistent: exquisite flavours in the palette and gorgeous views from the ample picture windows that allow the dinner to tour the fields without leaving the table. No element is left to chance, as every piece of furniture is custom made for this space.

The place’s identity can be summarized in a single word: magical. This quality, promptly shared by the chef himself, is composed of constant innovation and freshness, attracts guests from all over the worlds. The flagship restaurant is the perfect synthesis of chef Berasategui himself: global vision, illusion and humbleness which combine with the utmost quality. This set of virtues come together in a single concept and come alive in Martin Berasategui, a chef truly deserving of the 12 awards he proudly owns as one of the most prestigious cooks in the world. 

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