Jewellery and accessories help us convey our personality and style through our aesthetic. As such, it is important to keep our personal image in mind when choosing accessories. Modern Mexican jewellers have invested in creating new proposals for men, and even more so, have developed lines anyone can wear, regardless of gender. These are the Mexican jewellery and accessory brands that offer the best choices for any gentleman, from he most adventurous to the more sophisticated.


Following his grandfather’s steps, either by chance or by choice, Aaron Changpo creates VARON, a brand whose vision is a piece’s timelessness. VARON combines contemporary elements with classic design and minimalism. Changpo is committed to the history of every precious stone he uses in his creations, and each article is made in an artisanal technique.


Inspired by the titular Cristeros, the Mexican soldiers defending religious freedom in the early 1920’s, CRISTEROS exudes values and cultural heritage. Each piece is handmade by master craftsmen, experts in silver works. Rings, chains, necklaces and bracelets reflect a unique style and are swiftly complemented by handkerchiefs, bandanas and dumbbells.


After residing in Paris for 7 years, Jessie Bonne stablished herself in Mexico City and created KULT, a brand featuring simple accessories, adaptable to any situation, free of stereotypes. In Bonne’s words, “jewellery doesn’t define the wearer, but the wearer defines the accessory”. She is inspired by architecture and day-to-day geometry and offers an option for those looking for discreet accessories that uplift any outfit.


Mariana Estrada and Antonieta Fernandez bring FELINA to the centre stage, a Brand with a uniquely clean aesthetic and visually appealing pieces that stand out in any outfit. Each piece is made to withstand the passage of time and transcend gender, crafted by the expert hands of master jewel makers. Made for those looking for a different and lasting accessory, each piece is made with the highest quality standards and extreme attention to detail. 

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