Arnold & Son, renowned for its historic legacy in marine chronometry, presents the rebirth of its esteemed DSTB collection with the unveiling of the DSTB 42 Platinum and DSTB 42 Red Gold. Symbolising a rich history intertwined with modern horological advancements, these timepieces boast a unique true-beat seconds mechanism, echoing John Arnold’s iconic instruments supplied to the Royal Navy.

The DSTB 42 resurrects the iconic ‘True Beat’ complication, revealing its pulsating seconds mechanism through openwork gold bridges on the dial side. A rare spectacle in horology, the true-beat seconds mechanism drives the seconds hand in a distinctive and captivating rhythm, a tribute to Arnold & Son’s historical ties to marine chronometers.

This artistry forms the core of the watch, creating a visual symphony that intertwines with the off-centred hours dial in white opal. The watch’s three-dimensional appearance and meticulous red or white gold craftsmanship create a compelling and unique aesthetic. Symbolically representing the brand’s heritage, the anchor-shaped counterpoise resonates with the controlled rhythm of marine chronometers, infusing the watch with captivating allure.

The DSTB 42 marks a new chapter in the collection’s history, boasting a reduced case diameter of 42 mm, combined with a thinner exclusive Manufacture calibre A&S6203. This refined movement, engineered with meticulous attention, paired with a 22-carat gold oscillating weight, operates at 28,800 vibrations per hour, ensuring exceptional precision and a 55-hour power reserve.

The DSTB 42 Red Gold exudes warmth with its 5N gold case complemented by a soothing blue PVD-treated dial, while the DSTB 42 Platinum showcases a striking contrast with its 950 platinum case and a rose-gold PVD-treated ‘salmon’ dial. Both versions exhibit sunray-brushed dials, emanating from the centre of the true-beat seconds mechanism.

The DSTB 42 Platinum and DSTB 42 Red Gold epitomise the fusion of historical heritage with innovative horology, setting a new benchmark in the world of luxury timepieces by Arnold & Son.

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