In the many tales of the world before steam and engines came along, when the wind took ships from one port to another, oftentimes one hears of great, incredibly beautiful vessels whose stories have turned into legend. Commissioned by a private investor, Oceanco has created Double Luck: a yacht of incomparable grace where balance and elegance take the lead.

According to Chinese tradition, eight is the luckiest number of them all. Eighty-eight metres long, Double Luck is a wondrous sailboat where, just as its eights, everything comes in pairs and perfect symmetry. Inspired by the twentieth century’s British grand tour race cars, the silhouette reminds of a sci-fi vessel, made entirely of long, refined lines. Its most outstanding element is, however, the pair of masts that link the superstructure to the heavens, passing along the heart of the on-board Zen Garden and the main hall. On them, a pair of black sails are hoisted to complete Double Luck’s impressive silhouette, which reminds of the Chinese vessels of the past.

Equipped with Oceanco’s innovative energy generation system and using the excellent Dykstra DynaRig sailing system to aid in sailing smoothly, Double Luck is a futuristic ship in all the senses of the word: a wondrous blend between avant-garde and mythical. To see it traversing the seas, we are sure, will be a sight to behold – and we cannot wait.

Photos: courtesy.

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