Feadship, the leader in luxury yacht construction, has distinguished itself in the industry by blending opulence and sophistication to create exclusive experiences in the world of luxury yachts. However, they recognize the importance of innovation to stay at the top of the industry and continually challenge themselves through the creation of cutting-edge concepts.

At the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show, Feadship unveiled its eleventh revolutionary yacht concept: Slice. This 85-meter yacht is a testament to Feadship’s commitment to innovation and crafting exceptional experiences in the world of luxury yachts. Slice addresses a common complaint among yacht owners: long hallways, dark interiors, and tight spaces. However, instead of simple improvements, Feadship ventures to reinvent the concept of a luxury yacht from the ground up.

In the Slice project a bold and visionary approach was taken. They divided the design model in half and created a strip of glass that extends from the bow to the stern. It’s not just glass; it’s a structure that allows natural light to flood through multiple decks, completely transforming the relationship between spaces within the yacht.

At the heart of Slice, you’ll find a monumental 70-square-meter atrium on the main deck. This space is not just a lobby but a destination in itself for guests moving from bow to stern. Its cascading circular balconies offer opportunities for lighting and art.

Slice goes beyond innovation in natural lighting, incorporating int in every piece of the design; its 10-meter pool was designed using scientific data to prevent swaying on the high seas. Additionally, it employs an ultra-high modulus material inspired by Formula 1, developed by Feadship to meet navigation needs.

The propulsion system of Slice is impressive. Four dual-fuel generators using methanol and non-fossil diesel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil – HVO) offer an environmentally friendly approach and greater versatility. Furthermore, the option of methanol fuel cells is considered to meet energy needs, supported by a set of batteries for silent navigation and efficient energy management.

The interior of Slice was designed by Marco van Ham, who avoided using teak and instead opted for an elegant palette, including backlit marbles, liquid metals, silver leaf, and galuchat. A serene atmosphere is created with neutral fabrics, and fluid, organic lines inform both the floor design and the furniture.

The Slice concept addresses the privacy needs of owners by including a bow entrance that allows access to the yacht without being seen. Furthermore, it offers a private pool and decks with sea views, satisfying a recurring request from luxury yacht enthusiasts.

Slice is not just a luxury yacht; it is a floating masterpiece that offers a fresh and exciting approach to life on the high seas. This bold creation by Feadship redefines the boundaries of innovation in the luxury yacht industry and promises to provide fortunate owners with an exceptional navigation experience.

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