In the middle of a world of mass-produced luxe, where the high demand for beauty and great quality, all fast and immediate, have made handmade artistry and artisanal processes a rare treat to behold. Bovet, the famed watchmaking house that once captivated the whole world with its beautiful machines, has released a novel wristwatch that is truly a moving piece of art.

All the finishings and engravings in the Bovet Virtuoso XI are completely handmade, creating a hypnotic effect upon laying eyes on the intricate mechanism adorned with beauteous bridging, all fully skeletonized. This piece’s very name is an ode to the artisans that confer it its beauty: Virtuoso, the name of both the watch and the hands that make it. Part of the incredible difficulty in making a Virtuoso is the perfect balance between the engraving and the structure, which must be kept strong enough to support the movement while keeping its grace and beauty.

The Virtuoso XI uses a floating tourbillon movement that adds extra movement to the already incredibly complicated mechanism. As the most transparent of Bovet’s pieces to date, and one of the most ornate, the resulting piece is nothing but a wonder to behold. Fleurisanne-type engravings are, however, incredibly time consuming to create, so Bovet’s artisans can create no more than a piece or two each month.

Exceptional beauty and quality are only achievable with an unparalleled level of mastery, sometimes cultivated from great talent and with great discipline. Endowed with the best technique and craftsmanship from one of the most renowned watchmaking houses in the world, the Bovet Virtuoso XI is a dream piece created only for the true lovers of watchmaking.

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