When it comes to luxe, the most extraordinaire of wonders are often elusive. Given their rarity and the proficiency it takes to create such a piece, it is hard to come by them unless you go to the right place, in the right moment. This week we made a quick stop at the SIAR SUMMER EXPERIENCE, a haute horlogerie haven held in the heart of Mexico City. As we walked the exhibition and talked to the expositors, we found our way to discovering some of the most beautiful jewels held in its interior – and here are our very favourites.

Upon entering the exhibition floor, our eyes went straight to Speake Marin and their beauteous Speake Marin Vertical Double Tourbillon, a fine unique piece that holds a floating double tourbillon inside a white gold case. A smaller, white watch face tells the time at 3:00, and a red/black dial marks the difference between day and night.

The next stop was at Franck Muller’s exhibit, where the finely polished glass case held a collection capable of commanding the entire room. The incredible Franck Muller Vanguard Crazy Hours are a treasure to behold, their chaotic yet stylized numerals a product of the house’s collaboration with the renowned artist Hom Nguyen. Fun and dynamic yet incredibly stylish, they are a piece that cannot be missed in the finest of collections. After that we spent a while admiring the wonders of Bovet, where we came upon a hidden jewel: the Bovet Virtuoso XI Tourbillon, a beautiful, entirely skeletonized piece made in white gold and topped with Bovet’s iconic crown at 12:00. These we could not see in person; they are incredibly rare and completely handmade upon request, though we admired one of its brothers, the Virtuoso VIII Chapter II, a modern piece decorated with Super-Luminova of which there are only 8 in the world.

To end our visit, our search led us straight to Louis Moinet, lured in by the emerald-green glow of a Louis Moinet Moon, the iconic watch collection embedded with lunar meteorite discs. Here we came upon a unique Louis Moinet Space Revolution, with an acid-treated meteorite watch face and  two tourbillons that spin around the hours in opposite directions along with a pair of minuscule sci-fi spaceships.The right place and the right time are key elements when it comes to finding the very best of the best, even in the midst of an exposition teeming with exquisite pieces to choose from. However marvellous and rare, there are only a few of the many treasures we found in our visit, and it was indeed a hard task choosing which ones to feature in our telling of it. In the meantime, do enjoy these masterful timepieces – and we’ll soon be back on the prowl, looking for incredible wonders and the best from the world of luxe.

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