Louis Vuitton’s menswear division is currently under the direction of a multitude of creative minds. The visions of the many individuals that compose the creative collective come together to create unique collections, as is the case of this Fall 2023 Collection. Under the lead of Colm Dillane as head designer, the whole experience includes a prelude film, the design of the show itself, and a musical curation by Spanish artist Rosalia. 

Millennials are now on the lead, not only in the fashion industry but in the world at large. Their experiences and their relationship with technology have shaped their mind and their lives. Millennials experienced the birth and evolution of diverse technologies, from computers to cell phones, screens, and the worldwide connectivity of the internet. Growing up and traversing adulthood in such a different world from the one of the childhood years is an undeniably difficult task that all millenials can relate to. 

These experiences take centre stage on this collection, with the fabrics and prints recreating the way images appeared on the earlier screen models. Diverse tailoring techniques are used to emulate pixelation, and bold words that speak to the Millennial uncertainty are etched into several pieces: “FANTASTIC FUTURE?” and “blurry vision of a bright future”. Some silhouettes are echoes of the traditionally manly shape, a work outfit that is abstracted into a boxy yet fluid line, as a child wearing his father’s suit. 

Pearls and sequins simulate a hallucinatory TV pattern, graphics on leather give a nostalgic view of the old Hollywood movie posters, all callbacks to the experience of a digital-analogue relationship. Some of the most interesting pieces in the collection feature leather printed with scans of real letters written by members of the Prêt-à-Porter studio in their native language, creating an interesting dialogue that mimics international hyper-connectivity.

Overall, the collection is a nostalgic retelling of what growing up signifies for the modern audience, a masterful interpretation of what longing for a different time while still facing forward is. A demonstration of the power of many minds working together, this Fall Menswear collection is a stand out line by the Prêt-à-Porter studio.

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